Friday, October 3, 2008

Conduct disorder

Persistent disruptive and antisocial behaviour
Hostile, defiant, spiteful, vindictive behaviour
Aggression towards people
and animals
Vandalism, fire lighting
Truancy, lying, stealing

Acting alone (about 20%)
Acting with group (about 80%)
Hyperactive (about 30%) and with learning problems (about 50%)
Depression, low self-esteem (about 20%)
Running away from home

Family factors
Social disadvantage
Large family size
Inconsistent, hostile parenting (father's role)
Parental conflict
Foster home/institutional care
Parental mental illness and criminality
Child abuse and family violence
Antisocial peer groups

Early intervention: parenting-skills training
Creating opportunities for success in sport and recreation
Success achievement in educational programs
Behaviour treatment (social skills)
Family therapy for conflict and criticism

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